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Have you ever wanted to know what Forex is? Forex is foreign currency exchange. For example, if you plan to visit another country you will need to exchange your current currency to the currency of the country that you are visiting, foreign exchange or forex. If you pay attention to the markets that we have listed in this website you will see that forex can increase or decrease much like the stock market or futures (commodities) do. Some have learned how to trade forex much like we teach to generate an additional income from buying and selling currencies.

To learn new strategies to make a great income with forex trading you need to have a great skill set and have a plan in place that works. We teach that you need to have an entry and an exit before you ever place a trade. When you have the technicals in place you can get in and out of a trade with a great plan.

We have partnered with what we believe to be the best trend scanners in the market. With Forex Trendy you will be led to the current real time trend and you can buy the breakout moments before it happens to capture the gains from the market. We love the user friendly layout that Forex Trendy has provided. They use the fastest computers to give you the most up to date current time trends. You can even watch the tutorial videos to build your knowledge and have guidance into your trade.

So, how do you find out which Forex pair and time frame is best to trade?

Knowing the trend is crucial. Sure, you have experienced times when you entered the trade and waited during the choppy zone while some other pair was making a solid move. Trading the market that turns up and down and takes back all the profits during a series of losses feels like a slow torture…

Forex Trendy is a software solution to avoid trading during uncertain market periods. Instead, pick the best trending pair at the current time.

It uses no indicators, but the trend is determined by pure price action.

It quickly scans 34 Forex pairs on all time frames from minute to monthly. That’s 34 x 9 = 306 charts. Forex Trendy analyzes all the charts for you every second! This way, you get the best trending pair and time frame at any time you want.

The software runs on our powerful computers so you instantly get the result online. Therefore, you can use your favorite trading platform such as MetaTrader, NinjaTrader, TradeStation… and there is nothing you have to download or install. It is very easy to use.

The truth is that most Forex systems or robots make money with the trend, but lose money in a choppy market. For example, imagine you trade a system that makes 50% winning trades, but another 50% are losing trades. By following the trend you would dramatically increase the odds of winning. If you increase the odds of winning by only 20%, that would make 70% winning trades and 30% losing trades. This can make the difference between losing (or breaking-even) and winning. In other words, by following the best trend it can only be better.

Avoid struggling with the erratic market chaos when the trend direction is unclear. Take only confident trades in the best markets at the current time.

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You would be the one knowing which one particular (even exotic) pair is trending while other traders wouldn’t notice it without this tool. Knowledge is power!

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